Supercharging UX Design

For those looking to study User Experience (UX) Design with Academy Xi in Sydney, the deal just got a whole lot sweeter. We have recently partnered with UNSW to deliver our UX Accelerate 5-day intensive course, providing all the more reason to sign up today. 

As part of our commitment to ensure the best outcomes for our students, we partner with leaders in education. UNSW is one such leader – an internationally acclaimed teaching and research powerhouse, rubber stamping its credentials to further assure students and employers of Academy Xi’s UX training quality.

While a UX course with Academy Xi was already a strong statement on any digital professional’s CV, this one now carries with it the hefty weight of a world renowned institution:

  • Australia’s Global University 
  • Member of the prestigious Group of Eight
  • Top 50 ranked University worldwide (2019 QS World University Rankings)
  • #1 institution attended by Aussie startup founders
  • Strong industry links across all fields


Our UX Accelerate course counts as recognised prior learning. Upon course completion, you’ll receive 1 course (6 Units Of Credit) towards a UNSW’s Graduate Certificate or Master of Visualisation, Simulation, and Immersive Design. Existing UNSW students in one of these programs can choose to take the course instead of one of their electives. 

Hosted at UNSW Art & Design, a state of the art campus, this course offers a truly immersive and dynamic learning environment, with a host of study spaces and vibrant student life to feed off.


Why choose our “Accelerate” course format?

Open the toolbox:
This is a fast and intense course for people who want to expand their skillset in just 5 days. Coming out the other side with a full UX toolkit, you’ll learn about design research, information architecture, usability testing and wireframing. You’ll also understand how to frame a problem, define the opportunity and sell your prototype in a pitch.

Learn by doing:
How will we cover all of that I hear you ask? Well you won’t just be absorbing theory, you’ll bring a project of your own to the table and learn UX techniques while tackling the problem head on. There’s nothing like the fire of a real life project work to solidify your skills!


Who is this course for? 

Current UNSW students:
If you are a current or prospective UNSW student, it’s a no brainer. The opportunity to gain 1 course worth of recognised prior learning in just 5 days is a clear hole in one! 

The course also allows design grads to quickly bolt a further qualification onto their CV, rounding out their skillset.

Agency creatives and marketing pros:
You might already be a Designer or Digital Marketer with all the answers, but you can always know more right? Take your game to the next level, make the most of that company upskilling budget and return to work after just one week with a UX toolkit that benefits the whole team. 

Job hunters looking to upskill fast:
Gain an edge on your competition in the jobs market by adding a UNSW recognised UX experience to your CV. Employers will be assured that your knowledge is up to date and based on practical experience – a winning combo.

Put me in coach!

Like the sound of all that? Want to take a further look at how you’re going to learn to create meaningful digital experiences in just 5 days? Download the full course guide here and talk to one of our Course Advisors on 1300 683 923


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